The Healing House, Inc. is the first Holistic Licensed Behavioral Health Center (LBHC) in the state of West Virginia dedicated to serving and empowering women. We help women who have been impacted by trauma heal and rebuild. We provide an innovative approach to healing and a fresh take on life after trauma through the highest quality of coaching, counseling, and education.


Our Mission

To create a safe environment for women that promotes healing, development, transformation, and growth in all areas.

Core Values

The Healing House, Inc. centers around faith, integrity, renewal, accountability, and respect.

Our People

The Healing House, Inc. serves all adult women impacted by trauma. The Healing House, Inc. provides services to all women, however low-income and at-risk women receive priority services.

Why Us

The Healing House is the first Holistic Licensed Behavioral Healing Center (LBHC) in the state of West Virginia. Both our staff, and clinicians are trained in Trauma-Informed Care and best practices. The Healing House provides case management and wrap-around services to help support women as they complete the necessary “root-work” to achieve total healing. The Healing House is unique from most programs, because it identifies and treats both symptomology and root causes in our program participants.